What to look for and ask when searching for a qualified pool builder or contractor

  1. Via our direct link to the FDBPR <https://www.myfloridalicense.com/wl11.asp>, please enter the name of the pool company or the name of the individual you are considering to be your pool builder. Make sure they're licensed & reputable in Florida.
  2. Obtain at least three bids and compare them. Make sure the contractor's bid specifies the materials to be used, including quantity, brand, size, color, etc. Keep in mind that the lowest bid is not always the best.
  3. Ask for references and contact them to see if you can see their pools for yourself.
  4. Make sure the contractor's paperwork is in order. Ask to see the contractor's license and certificates of insurance. Contact the licensing board to verify the information.
  5. Contact the BBB to see if the contractor or builder has any complaints against it and how they were handled.
  6. Find out who will be doing the actual work -- the contractor's employees or subcontractors. If the firm uses sub-contractors for some of their work -- such as from a tile company -- you will need to research both the tile firm's reputation, as well as the contractor. You also want to determine who will be responsible for problems down the road. Issues such as these should be resolved before construction begins.
  7. Find out if the builder can make any necessary site and soil evaluations of your property. The contractor should also know about existing zone, building and grading requirements.
  8. Some pool builder's offer financing, but you want to shop various lenders to find the best terms.
  9. Make sure all warranties for labor and materials are in writing.

These tips should help you in your quest to find the right pool builder! Keep in mind that some pool builders try to confuse you and make it hard to compare apples to apples. Be deliberate and insistent about what you want, how you want the proposal formatted and what the proposal should include.

Good luck with your selection process, I hope to hear from you.